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Before going any further let us answer the very basic question, "What is an Autonomous Vehicle?"

The answer is "An autonomous vehicle, or driverless vehicle, is one that is able to operate on its own and perform essential tasks without human intervention through its ability to sense its surroundings."


What are the 6 levels of autonomous vehicles?

There are six different levels of automation, and as the levels rise, so do the limits of driverless car freedom tied to operational controls.

At level 0, the car has no control over its operation and all the driving is done by a human driver.

At Level 1, the vehicle's ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) is the ability to support the driver with steering or acceleration and braking.

In Level 2, ADAS is able to monitor steering, acceleration, and braking in certain situations, although the human driver must pay close attention to the driving environment throughout the trip, performing necessary tasks.

In Level 3, the ADS (Advanced Driving System) can perform all parts of the driving task under certain conditions but requires a human driver to regain control when required by the ADS. In the remaining cases, the human driver performs the necessary functions.

At the 4th level, the vehicle's ADS is able to independently perform all driving tasks under certain conditions that do not require human attention.

Finally, Level 5 includes full automation so that the vehicle's ADS can do all the work in all conditions, and does not require driving assistance from a human driver. This full automation will be enabled using 5G technology, which allows vehicles to communicate not only with each other but also with traffic lights, signage and roads.

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