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What is Namaste Bharat Digital?


Namaste Bharat Digital is a set of web resources to promote the use of the social sciences to study India.


The Covid pandemic has proved that while various very powerful social scientific  statistical and computational methods exist, appropriate methods, techniques and software are not being adequately used. This is true not only for the area of public health but also for other areas such as, for instance, the study of Indian history.


Qwykr Technologies has collaborated to help with the marketing of the website The Indian Quest Online (available at: htttp:// We also helped launch a new newsmagazine Namaste Bharat. (Links external; hosted previously at:; We have also made available for free on the Internet several resources that have been created as the result of a Four Year Project investigating the use of the Social Sciences for the study of Indian History. Please visit the URLs below for links related to Indian Quest Digital and Namaste Bharat Digital:


As part of a Corporate Social Responsibility initative, we have create many resources on the web on the topic of Indian history. Web resources created in collaboration with partners are available on the Internet. Please visit the following websites for more information:


We advise you to keep in mind the long-term consequences of the benefit of the study of the social sciences for a developing nation such as India. Although the results may not be immediate in the short term, the results are excellent in the long-term indeed!

We leave you with another beautiful image, that of the Taj Mahal in Agra.



For samples of the work executed on South Asian History as part of the Namaste Bharat Digital project, please visit the Facebook Page for Namaste Bharat Digital:

.Cliquez sur le lien ci-dessus pour consulter les publications et les mises à jour sur le projet Namaste Bharat.

. Go to the above link for posts and updates on the Namaste Bharat Digital project.

You can read the Namaste Bharat column based on the culinary history of the Indian subcontinent here: ​As another sample, here is a short writeup on the linkage between the Russian name Medvedev and the Sanskrit name Madhumati:

The books by Anand Manikutty and Amita Roy are available on Amazon and Flipkart. Here are the links to the listings for the books:

Merci d'avoir visité Namaste Bharat Digital!

Thanks for visiting Namaste Bharat Digital!


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