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Security Solutions

The Internet has led to an age of “Everything Everywhere”. Customer expectations have also adapted. Being close to the customer has hence become a significant success factor for companies. Thus, on the one hand, companies have begun to deploy technologies closer to where the customer is. On the other hand, easier access to distributed databases and the proliferation of security vulnerabilities in IT systems have resulted in an increase in the type and nature of threats to IT security. Modern day cyber threats like Malware attacks, Denial-of-Service attacks, Zero day exploits, phishing, SQL injection have become far more common. These threats can disrupt the proper functioning of businesses and, in extreme cases,  cause utter mayhem in the organization. Data corruption, infrastructure siege, locked user data and data deletion are very common threats to businesses these days, and such issues can lead to not only loss of customers but also steep fines from regulatory bodies. The security solutions offered by our affiliates help you solve these business challenges. We help provide fault tolerant, self-healing systems which identify and resolve threats at the earliest possible point in time. 

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