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Boutique Advisory Services

At Qwykr Technologies, we are committed to our mission of helping our clients reach greater heights with their business. As part of this mission, we offer advisory services for startups.

We have engaged with around half a dozen startups so far but, between us, have advised far more. As part of work, we have advised companies ranging in size from very small (cryptocurrency startup with < 35 employees) to very large (e.g. the Aravind Eye Hospital Group, the Park Hotels Group). The problems faced by companies of different sizes are different. We keep this in mind while offering our services.


Note that we take either cash compensation or equity in the companies we advise, but if we are inclined to take equity, we are usually very selective about the companies we advise in this realm. The truth is that many companies are not as profitable as they could be. In exchange for a modest 0.1% to 0.8% percent of your company equity, we can put your company on the road to much greater  profitability.  For more information, please read below and use the form to contact us.

Advisory for Startups

Are you a startup co-founder? Are you bootstrapping your startup? Wondering what to do next?

if you are a bootstrapped startup, you are trying to conserve cash and would rather part with your left pinky finger than part with any more cash. So, why not use Qwykr Tech's Startup Advisory Program to get the tools and information you need on the best startup incubation programs, the best startup accelerator programs, et cetera, out there - in exchange for equity?

We are selective in the startups we work with. This is because it has to be worthwhile for us since we often accept equity instead of dollars. This means that we are only able to work with startups in whose potential we believe in. (Otherwise, we would be undercutting ourselves or may be even working for free.)

We are a team which includes a professor of management from one of the leading institutes of management in India, an alumnus of Harvard Business School and Stanford and a veteran entrepreneur from India. Our associates include Silicon Valley veterans who have either had successful exits (10 million dollar+ exits) or other significant success in raising funding or growing a business.


Before you hit "Send"...

Do you want to make the cut in the next incubation program? Please send us information about your startup and where you are currently. If we can iron out a deal, we can help you take your startup to the next level. But before you hit "Send", please be aware that we are quite selective. However, our not taking up your project may have nothing to do with how good your idea might be. It might just be that your idea is not at the right stage for us to take an interest.

Please use the form below to contact us. After contacting us using the form below, please also send email to: with your name and the name of your startup. Thanks!

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