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Vegan vs Vegetarian: The Difference

These days many people are preferring to be vegetarian or vegan in their lifestyle and food choices, and chefs are increasingly adding vegan and vegetarian dishes to restaurant and café menus to satisfy this new trend.

Quinoa Salad

What exactly is the difference between vegetarian and vegan?

Vegetarian diets essentially include food items that are not made of meat, poultry, fish, or any by-products of animal slaughter. These diets are usually made up of fruits, vegetable, pulses, grains etc. However, there are different types of vegetarians: those who do not eat any meat (animal flesh) but do consume dairy products and eggs (called lacto-ovo vegetarians), those who do not eat animal flesh and eggs but consume dairy products (lacto vegetarians), and those who do not eat any type of animal by-product with the exception of eggs (ovo vegetarians).

Vegans are one of the strictest types of vegetarians around; they do not eat any animal by-product, including dairy, eggs and meat. They do not even consume those foods derived from animals such honey, gelatin, albumin, carmine, shellac, whey etc. It is a lifestyle that attempts to reject all forms of animal cruelty and exploitation, and vegans also believe that this type of lifestyle is the best for their health as well as the environment.

At times, if a vegetarian or vegan diet is not planned well, it can cause many health problems with the lack of nutrients, which can affect both their physical and mental health. Hence planning your vegan or vegetarian diet is of the utmost importance Psychology Articles, so that you ensure that your body gets the right amount of nutrients to keep it healthy.

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