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Why Choose Qwykr?


Qwykr is a specialized technology advisory firm with significant experience in executing I.T. projects. As an innovative technology company, we aim to execute with excellence in every project and bring new horizons of opportunities to our clients’ businesses. We work in several different areas, but they have been carefully chosen in such a way that we can bring significant value to our clients' businesses.


We deliver several different services. Just take websites. We create websites that reflect our clients. And we do it for less. For doctors, dentists, psychologists and other medical professionals, we create websites that showcase the warmth and service-oriented nature of their offices. And we do it for less. By putting in cost saving mechanisms, we are able to deliver a three year plan for websites for the same cost that our competitors charge for a one year plan. Did we say we do it for less?


We delight our customers with our well crafted services, and delight our customers even more by undercutting our competitors in terms of price. In fact, we don't mind telling you the names of our competitors. Our competitors in dental marketing, Ruckus Marketing,  Big Drop Inc and SPINX Digital, do a good job but they charge for more than what is required for the needs of many medical practitioners and dentists - a functioning website that will deliver new customers. 


Our affiliates have experience delivering complex infrastructure projects. We execute in all the sectors we work in with under same mantra: that we must aim to deliver superior quality service at reasonable costs. With our competitors, there are hidden costs. With us, there are no hidden costs. Our upfront pricing model means that you will not be stuck with additional unforeseen bills after the contract is finished. Whether it is our I.T. training programs or our marketing offering, you will know what to expect. 


We advise you keeping in mind the long-term consequences of your decision making. Whether it is advising students on how to learn technical content in the most cost efficient way, or it is advising medical professionals on website design, we think ahead for you!

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